“There is only one thing more contagious than enthusiasm, and that is the lack of enthusiasm.”
Health Enhancement donates their time to schools, organizations and businesses in the area to better educate the community on ways to improve their health.

If you own a business, surveys have shown that one of the best ways you can show your employees you do care, is to spend extra time teaching them what they can do to help themselves feel better. Companies have discovered savings of over 40% on work related injuries following just one special lecture on health.

One talk that we love doing is titled “How To Stay Young The First 100 Years.” It sounds funny to most, but it’s true. We are living longer then ever, but the number one problem that people above the age of 50 are having is musculoskeletal problems. People just can’t move like they used to. We have increased the odds of our living past 80 and we have increased our life’s activities, but we have not changed the way we take care of our spine.

We are presently scheduling our out-of-office lectures for the next 6 months. If you have interest in us coming to your work place or event to do an enthusiastic, energetic, educational, on-site health lecture, please give us a call. It will make a difference!
It’s Your Future…….
Be There Healthy!